Stone CC vs OD Cuaco CC 5ths

So it goes on.
As I sit and sup on the old Bollinger 68 I am happy to report, to all you minions and beneath, that we can celebrate yet another Stone victory.
A fine day with some wind. A 35 over game and we won the toss (again) and bowled.
Chung Fu Fighter and the adopted Rogers boy opened the bowling and kept things pretty tight but only getting 1 wicket. The first of 3 LBW decisions given by their umpire who clearly didn’t like his team very much. This pretty much how it went on. Tight bowling. Good fielding, except our less than mobile skipper. Pick of the chuckers would be Robocop whose line, length and deceptively slow pace saw him snag 3/22. Dartsy and Saddam scooped up 2 each with “variation” and Scrappy whinged the rest of the day for the one that never was. The batsman boasting about it later really brought a smile to Scrappy’s face. Only 2 drops this week. Stumpy ever so slightly embarrassed by the easy edge and new boy Darren (nicknames so far touted are “Chav” for the tracksuit ensemble or “Vol au Vent” for his tea preference) who dropped one off the last ball and so wore the catching hat from the park. 128 all out.
Tea provided by Semtex which was gratefully scoffed by all and much appreciated.
We batted. Skip continued his great contribution so far and was out 4th ball for a duck. Clearly a tactic that worked well as this brought Stumpy in for one of his best innings yet. 55 not out in good time. (Yes, in good time). Ably supported but Darren who looked comfortable until he got out for 28. He is clearly going to make a few for us this season. Semtex entertained in all kinds of ways with his running, calling, batting and general all good spirit. Blaine didn’t and matched the previous duck of the innings. Chug fu swiped a few and it was left to the old guard of Darts and Stumpy to wrap the game up with 9 overs to spare and therefore an earlier visit to The Shovel.
So, 3 wins in 3 but to be fair, if we have opposition like that every week it is not going to be hard to carry that run on!
Lively as ever and the standard 2 awards to give. As Semtex downed his second pint while we all just getting our first in we elected Stumpy as performance of the day. 55 not out and sharp behind the stumps.
SB of the D. Our illustrious Skipper who, to prove his real full name, had to show what were considered to be dubious business cards. This led to a 7-0 vote off against the afore mentioned Semtex who now on his 5th as we ordered our second.