Ash CC vs Stone CC (All Stars Game)

With the Ladyship, still basking in the glory of her performance of the day, away for the weekend, I was left to my own devices for the morning of the game. Chasing the fox without her whinging about the blood was most invigorating. Then on to the game.

Having eventually got everyone sorted with transport we rocked up to the beautiful Ash ground in time for a 1pm start. A small nod to Kelvin in the dressing room, to remember the last time he played for us, and we were up for the fray. (Slugs of Brandy and Rum will do that for you)

The All Stars game is on and it is an All Stars, and one special star (twinkle twinkle) performance.

Skip’ maintains his ability to be a good tosser and puts them in to bat. Timed game.

The bowling attack starts well. There is a small interlude of 1 hour and 15 minutes as young Walkling malingers on the field waiting for an ambulance to come and take him away, having stumbled trying to stop a ball and put his knee out. (Again) In all seriousness, it looked very nasty and, despite the ludicrous suggestions of a local nurse that we could move him, we could do nothing but wait. Tea was served very early, Walking didn’t miss out, and at 2.30 we resumed. So they have 2 hours and we will have 50 minutes and 20 overs.

They could have had 2 weeks but they still would not have got many as our opening bowlers and fielders hardly put a foot or a ball wrong. Vice and Mr Pimms bowled  8 overs each and took 1/17 and 2/15 respectively but that hardly tells the tale of the outstanding start. 2 lbw and a bowled shows the quality of the bowling.Tom and Ryan carried on the great work and one took it to newer levels of excellence. Tom (Slick Rick) Rogers was a bit rusty, probably from all the grease in his hair that the ladies love apparently, but was tidy and  bowled 6 overs for 23. Stumpy pulling off some outstanding leg side stops to a couple of loose deliveries. Scrappy on the other hand was on fire. A wicket in each of his first four overs, including their skipper who bashed us last year, with a beauty. He took another 4 overs to get that 5th (and 6th wicket) and ended with 6/32. It was brilliant. We did our best to let him down with a couple of missed chances, so he took it into his own hands and had 2 caught and bowled. As the Captain I was wondering if I could get anyone else on to bowl so good was the standard. Dino mopped up the innings with 1/2 from 3 and, thanks to Goodfellow, wimping out with a split nail or some thing similar, our skipper bowled an over of dross (or is that Drossington) to keep the comedy level up. All in all great bowling by the team. 5 bowled. 3 ct and bowled and 2 lbw. There was some other entertainment on hand. Mr Pimms hurling the ball into the tree claiming he did not know the rules. (surely someone mentioned it.) Vice getting very excited when one of their batsmen hit the tree. Walkling, full of gas and air (the medical stuff rather than his usual gibberish) declaring his love for all of us. Stumpy’s curious calls to everyone of things like “catch it” (good plan) “chase it” (what else?) and ” attack the stumps” which seemed to work as Scrappy bowled the hapless victim next ball.

Anyway, we nip out a good batting team for 107 in their own back yard and nick 15 minutes of their time as well. So, 1 hour and 5 minutes and 20 overs. Easy? Well we made a game of it.

Saddam and Goodfellow stride out and look like they open every week. Some of the running kept the fielding side interested but on they went. Goodfellow first to fall for 31 (top score of the day) to a good catch. He had played his usual “hoik” to midwicket on several occasions but this was a well hit on drive. In fact, probably shot of the day earlier was another on drive for 4. 60/1. Saddam soon followed and yet again, after all his hard work at getting in, and never looking in trouble, was a bit lazy on a full ball and was bowled for 24. 64/2. LR of S and Semtex to carry the game forward? Well. forward means going on or going ahead but they would have been passed by milk floats at some stages. So much time still so, no panic. Well, difficult to panic when everyone is asleep but Semtex keeps the crowd entertained receiving great cheers for every scoring shot. Pressure was relieved as Semtex fell to a good close catch (nice to see the batsman congratulate the fielder on the way out. Pure Stone) and bring in Vice. Long arms, long levers and some sweet timing. LR of S got his act together and suddenly it was all over with 6 overs to spare. Vice Captain and Captain appropriately there to get the winning runs on what was truly an All Star performance for an All Star game. 12 and 29 not out. Victory by 7 wickets.


Quick one at their local but it was fairly pointless.


Great to see Walkling there and the damage is not so bad. Out for possibly 12 weeks but it could have been worse. Dartsy is also there and apparently has hurt his finger. Am I the only one not to know? Dory and Pussy are also there, the father of the Garratts, having supported us all day, is also in attendance and the banter is rife.

SB clearly had to go to Mr Pimms for many, many reasons.

Performance. Only one man in it. Well done Scrappy

Thanks also to Roger Dine, yet again there to support the team, and give his son some gip about not protecting the country properly.

Thanks to Neil and the staff of the Malt as they put up with us and dole out some great food.

A great day and a truly All Stars performance. I am proud of you all. ( Like you care)

Last game next week so don’t miss it!