Stone CC vs Borden CC 1.7.17

This week our fixture sec greased a few palms late on a Friday night and managed to secure us a game against old foes Borden CC. With Ross chasing his lady around Waitrose for the afternoon, it was my chance to go down in Stone CC history and become the first stand in skipper to win 3 games from[…]

Stone CC vs Gore 3rds 24.6.17

As Bill the writer said in his latest box set about wars with the French “And gentlemen in England, now a-bedShall think themselves accursed they were not here,And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaksThat fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.” Wombwell park replaces Agincourt, and Gore 3rds replace the French, but all the[…]

Stone CC vs Faringham 2nds

With her ladyship attending the trooping of the colour and tea with Liz afterwards I was in the awkward situation of having to drive my own vehicle. We have to get more staff or there will be stiff letters exchanged through our solicitors! So, Stumpy digs up another new fixture for us from his Inn[…]

Borden CC vs Stone CC 10.6.17

With our esteemed skipper still tending to the manor, the task of leading the troops to battle against Borden CC fell to myself. Despite the hiccup of being a player down due to illness, it all started rather well. We pulled Paul away from his planned afternoon of drinking, won the toss and put Borden[…]

Stone CC vs Rainham 3rds CC

I am pleased to be able to bring you the match report from yesterday’s game against Rainham CC (the one in Kent not Essex). Unfortunately the team took a couple of early blows with the loss of Darren (work) and Mike (to Chung-flu). Although missed, in typical fashion the team stepped up to the plate[…]

Tonbridge Foresters vs Stone CC

Her ladyship has recklessly given an extra 1/2 day holiday for 5 years service to the staff. I allowed the chauffeur to use cloths instead of his hands to clean the fleet of cars. The reason for these outlandish displays of generosity is down to one thing. Another Stone victory. The day started well with[…]

Stone CC vs Bexleyheath 4ths

There is an atmosphere at the manor today as we come to terms with the tragedy that was Saturday. We lost. By over 70 runs to a team of old men and youngsters. Not unlike the make up of our team but 2 them were smaller than me. Still it is all about the game,[…]

Stone CC vs OD Cuaco CC 5ths

So it goes on. As I sit and sup on the old Bollinger 68 I am happy to report, to all you minions and beneath, that we can celebrate yet another Stone victory. A fine day with some wind. A 35 over game and we won the toss (again) and bowled. Chung Fu Fighter and[…]

Ide Hill CC vs Stone CC

You may have already seen the double page spread in the Sunday Times documenting Stone CC’s unprecedented second victory in a row. It was quite a read but I felt they focused too much on the excellent leadership and glossed over many of the finer details. To set the record straight, here’s the official match[…]

Teston CC vs Stone CC

The butler has washed the whites and cleaned the boots. Her ladyship (God Bless Her) is preparing for outstanding teas for later in the season. The grass is cut and boundaries are marked. The opposition are ready and here we are for the first match of the new season. New regime. Same team. Let’s make[…]